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Beyond creativity and design every starting or established company needs constant maintenance and development of the website, blogs, content and more. Such services are usually provided by separate sources costing more money and being less synchronized with existing products. With Digital Experts you will receive all forms of help from Custom Software development, to technology training, copywriting, and social media Marketing to complete all your needs.

Our IT and Technology services cover the most important and highly acknowledged programs used in the industry, through which we can help a company of any size and at any phase of its lifetime, to create strong and credible platforms.


WordPress is a program used for small to medium sized websites with under 100 pages of content and at Digital Experts we develop custom WordPress websites for our customers, giving them CMS applications and blogging platforms. From themes, designs to concept we develop every aspect of the process. Additionally DE can customize and connect WordPress to external applications your company needs, to enable more sophisticated websites.


Joomla is a highly popular program used mainly for medium sized organization allowing its users to maintain control over cost and content. We use Joomla as a tool to power your websites, and allow them to carry more content and more complicated modules.


Drupal is a tool used for highly advanced and large sized organizations which require a large volume of content and highly complex modules. For such websites DE uses Drupal to create and maintain websites with more advanced logic and higher demands.

Aside from our three main programs, we have a team who is accustomed to dealing with every type and style of website and situation, and we are equipped with both skills and tools to handle any need you have and deliver the result you desire.

With Digital Experts you will receive customized web Software applications designed uniquely for your company by our team. With our professional project managers and experienced programmers we create and develop highly functional, timely and affordable programs.

Our products are meant to enable efficiency for the company but also accomplish specific goals and increase returns on investments by achieving a higher level of customization. Having a custom program which is tailor made for the exact needs and functions of a company gives much higher advantages that a ready module which is what most companies offer.

Our DE team helps clients realize their full potential which can only be reached through technology. We build, integrate and maintain IT solutions such as Content Management Systems, e-commerce solutions, mass mailing programs, newsletter distribution, membership and client management, document management, forums, blogs, chat applications, custom desktop and we-based Software.

All these are functions necessary for every company and require many hours of work and a high level of accuracy if they are to fit into the overall scheme and plan of the company. Our solutions are aimed at increasing our clients’ business productivity and ensure long term success.

Combined with our other services in the technology sector, as well as business management, website and interactive design and branding to name a few, companies can create a beginning to end clear and straight forward method of working which can lead to efficient and rewarding results.

Besides having the right programs and technology within the company it takes an experienced and knowledgeable staff in order for those programs to be made use of and actually serve their purpose which is why at Digital Experts we offer our clients’ full training and consulting.

DE can prepare customized training and consulting to organizations and their staff members explaining the development and integration of complex systems based on open source or custom technologies.

Our trained experts who are an integral part of the development of these programs and technologies will personally show the designated staff members how to use each program to its full potential and resolve any challenged the company might have regarding technologies.

E-commerce is a large part of any organization or company and many companies rely entirely on off the shelf shopping cart functionality. Digital Experts helps you select the appropriate e-commerce solutions to power your online store.

DE can create custom solutions through our custom platform architecture which powers many websites used by many organizations around the world. Our experts with years of experience in the field can help you make decisions regarding your technology selection, and ensure that your choices match your business objectives.

With DE you no longer need the intervention of third party applications to help you run your websites, instead we will take over the entire process, developing complex solutions for your retail needs, with high functionality and flexibility which meets your business requirements.

Our platforms offer high quality at low cost giving you integration and power into your websites, and we continue offering maintenance to all our projects.

Marketing is a broad term that describes an industry which has existed for decades, online Marketing however is a specific version which has become the key to the success of any business in recent years. As we offer services in the creative sector we also offer our clients all the support they need to maintain their website and online products.

Digital Experts offers search engine optimization (SEO) and consulting services to both growing and established organizations. Our integrated digital Marketing can help our clients generate leads through the use of social media.

After thorough research of the marketplace, and analysis of competitors, strengths and weaknesses, we develop a strategy for our clients, to improve their search engine positions. Through our experienced experts, we ensure our clients reach a point of obtaining maximum return on investments.

Our SEO services cover all the needs of our clients from audit, keyword search and discovery, competitive industry analysis, content improvement and optimization, external and internal link building strategy, local search optimization, and ongoing content creation which fits with the rest of the SEO work we do. Our experience has proved that when DE implies all those methods and improvements, our clients notice a substantial improvement in lead generation which is our goal for each and every client we work with.

Copywriting is a complex process of creating content which fits the overall image and direction of the company but also helps better SEO and technological purposes which push the company into making higher returns. At Digital Experts we have experienced as well as fresh copy and content writers who rely on high level Marketing and PR methods to improve the company’s naming, slogans and overall content ensuring that every text used serves a purpose.

The content of a website, a brochure, or any entity which represents the company automatically communicates a message associated with the organization it belongs to. Our team creates a hierarchy of products and solutions which lead to engaging and original content.

All our content plays part in creating consistent and effective marking on the website and through social media engagement, as well as push our SEO services further.

Perhaps over the last decade there has been nothing more effective and impactful on Marketing than Social Media. Although it is relatively new compared to the long history which Marketing has, yet it is a driving force which cannot be reckoned with.

Costumer habits have arrived at a point where social media is the best medium for them to be reached through, and Digital Experts has been using social media as a Marketing tool for years.

We have put together a team specialized in social media who will keep up with all your promotional and Marketing requirements through online pages outside your websites.

From Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest, forums and blogs, companies need to create and affirm their image through all available methods and at DE we ensure that your social media sites are carefully designed to reinforce your message and are constantly maintained and updated in an appropriate manner.

We will create ongoing content and keep your pages and designs fresh and updated, pushing through appropriate information which will help improve brand awareness and ultimately generate more leads and more business.

Our IT and technology services go beyond usual services offered by IT companies, Digital Experts has custom built the DE CRM application, which can be customized for the requirements of each projects, and it can serve as a flexible platform for our clients ensuring future growth and expansion.

The unique power of our custom designed DE CRM, is its flexibility and ability to be tailored differently for each client in order to meets his specific needs and goals, and DE we will ensure each client receives a unique end product perfect for their own business.

Modules available in the CRM include:

  • Enterprise-level Content Management System
  • Document Management
  • Members and Group Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Orders Tracking
  • Product Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Third party data integration
  • Recurrent Billing
  • Mailing Engine
  • Advanced Scheduler
  • Statistics and Reporting
  • Advanced Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Affiliate Program
  • Custom API integrations
  • Data Feeds
  • Social Networking and more

Beyond developing and executing our clients’ requirements, at Digital Experts we also offer consulting services to help the company improve itself. If our clients have their own capable staff and simply wish to receive guidance and counselling, at DE we offer extensive design and IT consulting on many sectors.

Our consulting services include:

  • Branding Strategy and Identity Design Consulting
  • Web Presence Consulting
  • IT/Web Technologies Consulting
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Concept Development
  • Advertising and Marketing Consulting
  • Copywriting, Messaging, PR consulting
  • Salesforce Consulting
  • Financial Services industry website design consulting
  • WordPress, JOOMLA, Drupal Consulting and Training your social media marketing partner

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